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It can be done in 24 hours. Joel Pipes & Associates has done it. It depends on your circumstances. If you have a lot of titled assets, such as real estate, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, their ownership must be transferred to the trust. Untitled assets, such as jewelry, art, and other valuables will also need to be itemized for inclusion. Depending on how quickly you act, it may take several days or longer. But remember, if you don’t organize this information now and you become incapacitated or die, your family may end up paying the court and attorneys to do the same job. While it generally takes time to gather and document all the necessary information, we recognize that some situations require a little extra care and attention,¬ including after-hour meetings with our clients in their own homes or other settings, if necessary. At such times, experience counts. In emergencies, the attorneys at Joel & Associates have managed to complete some trusts in as little as 24-hours.

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